Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 10 could be out earlier than expected.

Among other things, there seems to be a serious concern on Title Update 9 frame rates.

When breaking blocks in Minecraft Xbox 360 with TU9 update it appears to briefly flash black, as if square is totally unlit.

Sometimes the square then fails to update, and a dark area can be “grown” by breaking blocks around it. Sometimes placing a torch will light some or all blocks, and sometimes will not.

Tested in single player, will add screenshot of blackened area with torch on every block.

Also, found a single chunk of ocean in a forest in a newly generated world.

Strongholds or End portals are in new locations in TU9.

Stronghold corridors right down at bedrock, never seen that before. No frame rate issue when entering End from TU9 worlds. Temporary frame rate issue when entering from TU7 world’s portal

Those are some of the problems that can be found in Title Update 9.

There needs to be fall-out on Title Update 9. The QA team at 4J Studios or the management, someone is at fault here. We doubt the QA team missed those.

Therefore either QA failed in their job of communicating the priority of this issue, or management chose to publish a very broken release.

We just hope that this fiasco won’t hurt Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition retail disc sales.

From www.insidermediagroup.com