Public opinion polls following last night’s U.S. Presidential Debate are giving the victory to Mitt Romney, but people who watched the debate on Xbox Live and participated in Microsoft’s interactive polling system came away with a very different impression.

The live results shown on Xbox Live during the debate repeatedly favored Obama, as Microsoft’s pollsters asked which candidate came out on top in different aspects of the debate. At one point, Xbox Live switched around the order of the choices, making Obama slightly more difficult to select, but still the president dominated the results.

Chalk it up to demographics. Microsoft has been able to broaden the Xbox 360′s user base beyond hard-core gamers by adding a broader set of entertainment features, but the company acknowledges that its user base still isn’t a representative sample of voters.

However, the company wants its polling data to be taken seriously, and said in advance of the debates that it would be working with the online polling service YouGov to project results that better reflect the broader population, using the raw data from its polling along with aggregated demographic information provided by users.

In the meantime, tweets from Xbox Live users provide a sense for what was going on last night …

All right xbox i hear you loud and clear…mute tv then vote for Obama. #PresidentialDebate #xboxpoll

— Kevin Ziarnowski (@shakeitmackten) October 4, 2012


— Adam DeVore (@Hi_Im_Adam) October 4, 2012

Image by Chad Kanera via TwitPic.